Bill of fare


Onion soup with cheddar cheese

Price: 24 zł

Beef soup with tomatoes and roasted peppers

Price: 27 zł

Brussels sprout with pumpkin hokkaido

Price: 21 zł

Aubergine with chickpeas and pomegranate

Price: 26 zł

Bao with pork knuckle and kale

Price: 27 zł

Beef tartare with shallots, capers and egg yolk

Price: 35 zł

Marinated tuna with green vegetables salsa and cashew nuts

Price: 39 zł

Fried foie gras with plum, porto and almonds

Price: 44 zł

Main courses

Linguine with shrimps and zucchini

Price: 35 zł

Zander with roasted cauliflower, brussels sprouts and fennel

Price: 45 zł

Halibut miso with marinated pumpkin and avocado

Price: 59 zł

Chicken breast with leeks, dumplings and tomato sauce

Price: 38 zł

Duck leg with cabbage, raisins and porto sauce

Price: 45 zł

Aged entercote / Sirloin steak with walnuts, shallot and homemade chips

Price: 69/99 zł

Rack of lamb with potato puree and oyster mushroom

Price: 79 zł

Five-daily tasting menu

Price: 149 zł


Apples crumble with mascarpone and vanilla ice cream

Price: 19 zł

Home made ice cream and sorbets sellection

Price: 21 zł

Cheesecake with rice and elderflower

Price: 21 zł

Poppy seeds cake with honey ice cream

Price: 22 zł

Chocolate cream with orange

Price: 23 zł